"This wallet is not supported" error message

This article applies to the following products:

  • Ledger Nano (not Nano S)
  • Ledger HW1

If you get a "wallet is not supported" error, itis because the Nano/HW1 has been flashed without a security card hash.

Try this method:

  1. Launch the Ledger Wallet Chrome app (v1.1.2 or more)
  2. Plug the Nano in the USB port
  3. Press CTRL+SHIFT+U or ⌘+SHIFT+U (Mac)
  4. Follow the instructions
If it doesn't work, then try this other update method:
  1. Go to http://hardwarewallet.smartcard.io/chrome_extensions.html and install both the chrome extensions "Application support" and "Content script support"
  2. Go to https://fup.hardwarewallet.com/ledger/ and follow the instructions of the "BTChip HW.1 / Ledger Wallet Firmware Update" page.
  3. Type in the required field the 32 characters in hexadecimal of your security card (found under the QRCode in your Recovery Sheet)
  4. Click on "Start update" and follow instructions
  5. Come back to the Chrome application once update is finalized

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