List of supported applications

To open and manage a wallet, you need to :

  1. launch the wallet application on your computer,
  2. open the dedicated companion application on your Nano S to unlock and synchronize the wallet.

So for each wallet you need 2 applications: 1 on your computer or browser, 1 on your Ledger Nano S.



Your Nano S is a multi-application device, so you can install and uninstall several applications on it, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP a.k.a Ripple, and many other ones (altcoins, authentication, etc.), some of them provided by Ledger, some of them by other companies.

By default, your Nano S has some applications already installed:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • and FIDO U2F

They can be removed, replaced, and you can add new applications thanks to the the Ledger Manager, which is like a free app store to download and delete your applications.


Note that your Nano S can hold about 5 applications at the same time, but you can deal with many more applications - as many as stated on the Ledger Manager - by removing and installing the ones you need to manage. Removing an application won't make you lose your coins: you will be able to see your balance and transact as soon as the coin application has been installed again.

  1. Install the Ledger Manager on your computer:
  2. Launch the Ledger Manager
    See: how to launch the application once it is installed 
  3. Remove the applications you don't want by clicking on the bin, install the ones you need by clicking on the green arrow
    See: how to use the Ledger Manager



Ledger provides 3 different Ledger Wallet applications to download.



There are also applications not provided by Ledger but by third-party, that can be used with the Nano S. Your private keys remain securely held by the Ledger device while transacting on such integrated wallets.
Please note that the Ledger Authenticator application is not required with the Nano S, this app is only suited for Nano and HW.1.
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