Frequently asked questions

1) How to install the Ledger Manager application

Follow this link and click on "Add to Chrome" to install the Ledger Manager. You always need the Chrome (or Chromium) browser to launch it. To launch the Ledger Manager:

  1. in your Chrome browser, type "chrome://apps/", find the Ledger Manager application and launch it
  2. in your Chrome browser, type "chrome://extensions/", find the Ledger Manager application and launch it
  3. create a shortcut to launch the Ledger Manager when you need it by opening your Chrome extensions (see above) and clicking on "Details" > "Create a shortcut"

To know how to use this application, please refer to this guide.

2) If the Ledger Manager does not open
  • Please verify you did not already launch another Ledger application. If that is the case, quit the other application and retry.
  • If your Ledger manager is launched but does not open, don't forget to connect your Ledger device and to enter your PIN code
  • It could be an application like Mist, Geth or Parity, Electrum... Please close all the other programs on your computer or use the Ledger device on another computer.


3) If the "Unable to install app" error message on your Ledger Manager appears, it means:

  • there is not enough space on your device to install a new application, as your device memory is limited. Please go to this page to know more
  • the application you want to install is already installed on the device. To update the app, uninstall it first.


4) In "Firmwares", if the message "No items to display" appears:

  • your Ledger device is already updated
  • we are experiencing a temporary server issue that avoids access to the installation of applications and updates. In that case please try again to access the Ledger Manager later.
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