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Stellar (XLM)

This article describes how to create a Stellar (XLM) account with your Ledger device and the Ledger Live app.

Before you start

 Retrieving your locked 1 XLM

While closing your Stellar account to get back the reserved 1 XLM is technically possible, it requires your Stellar account's private keys, which are stored in your Ledger device. At present, there are no Ledger-compatible tools that can safely facilitate this process. Therefore, we strongly advise against trying to close your account until such tools are available.

Install the Stellar (XLM) app on your Ledger device

  1. Connect and unlock your Ledger device with your PIN.
  2. Open the Ledger Live app and navigate to the 'My Ledger' section.
  3. If asked, allow the connection to access your device.
  4. Find Stellar (XLM) in the app catalog.
  5. Click the Install button of the app.

  Deposit to exchange

Most exchanges require you to enter a memo to identify your account when depositing Stellar (XLM) coins. Carefully follow the deposit instructions for your exchange. Make sure you use the right Memo Type and enter the Memo exactly as instructed.

  When you send funds from an exchange to a Ledger Stellar account, you don't need a memo. You can enter a random number.

You can learn more about the memo tags here.

Add a Stellar (XLM) account to Ledger Live with your Ledger device

  1. In Ledger Live, navigate to the Accounts section.
  2. Click on +Add account, select Stellar (XLM) from the drop-down menu, and then click on Continue.
  3. When prompted, open the Stellar app on your Ledger device using the buttons.
  4. You'll be given the option to name your account or go with the default name. Once everything looks good, click on 'Add account' in Ledger Live
  5. Click on 'Done' to finalize adding your Stellar account to Ledger Live.

    You're all set, you can now navigate to your Stellar (XLM) account and use the 'Receive' button to obtain and verify your Stellar account address (also sometimes called a public key) with your Ledger device and use it to receive XLM coins in your Ledger account.

Adding Stellar tokens in Ledger Live

Starting from Ledger Live Desktop 2.45 and Ledger Live Mobile 3.5 it becomes possible to manage Stellar token USDC directly in Ledger Live. First, you need to add a trust line for the USDC token. You can do that in Ledger Live.

Adding trust line

  1. On your XLM account page in Ledger Live, click Add asset.

    image (2).png

  2.  Choose an asset: USDC and click Continue (make sure your Ledger device is connected to your PC and the Stellar app is open).


  3. Review the transaction on the Ledger device and in Ledger Live and confirm.


  4. Once the transaction was broadcasted, you can start to send and receive USDC on your XLM account.


  5. Once you receive your USDC, it will appear as a token on the XLM parent account


Next steps

Sending XLM To Exchanges

Many exchanges require a memo tag when sending XLM from a Ledger account. Be sure to keep an eye out for a reference to a memo tag on the deposit page of your preferred exchange. If you send XLM to your exchange and don't see it in your account after a few minutes, double-check that the transaction sent successfully from your account then contact your exchange's support team to track down your deposit. Learn more about memo tags here.

  • Add your accounts to your Portfolio. 
    If you’re already managing XLM on a Ledger device, Ledger Live will recognize these automatically when you add a Stellar account.
  • Send or receive crypto assets.
  • Buy XLM directly into your Ledger Stellar account through Ledger Live. Learn more here.
  • Learn more about XLM and the Stellar network here.

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