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"Device bridge is no longer available" error with MetaMask

This article explains the message Device bridge is no longer available that can appear on Ledger Live when attempting to link a Ledger device with MetaMask.


This notification is shown to users who utilized the outdated Device Bridge connection method to access their Ledger accounts through MetaMask. Initially, the Device Bridge was introduced to assist users who encountered U2F connectivity issues.

However, with the advent of WebHID as the primary transport method used by most websites to interact with hardware wallets, the Device Bridge has been phased out in the latest iterations of Ledger Live. As a result, users are required to switch to WebHID for seamless connectivity

How to connect with WebHID? 

In order to use WebHID connection method, you need to follow below steps to enable it in MetaMask: 

  1. Open MetaMask extenstion.
  2. Click on round profile icon on top-right corner.
  3. Open Settings.
  4. Open Advanced.
  5. Scroll all the way down and find Preferred Ledger Connection Type.
  6. Choose WebHID.

Now you should be able to connect Ledger device to MetaMask.

MetaMask Firefox Ledger integration issue 

Users on browser Firefox still might have problems connecting Ledger devices to MetaMask. 

To solve Ledger Firefox connection issues, refer to this article.

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