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April and May 2023 Metamask USB connectivity issues

Incident start date

April 2023

Incident end date


Problem Summary

Some Metamask users report experiencing USB connectivity issues when trying to connect to Ledger devices.


Using Metamask

Image_4-26-23_at_12.53_PM.jpeg Firefox users: Firefox 114 broke U2F compatibility -  disrupting the ability to connect Ledger or any other hardware wallets to MetaMask. Please use other browsers which support U2F or WebHID connection method type (eg. Chrome, Brave).

Image_4-26-23_at_12.49_PM.jpeg Chrome users: Make sure you have the latest version of MetaMask and Chrome installed. MetaMask now uses WebHID as the default connection method on Chrome.

Additionally, make sure to enable HID devices in your Chrome settings as seen in the picture below:  Image_4-26-23_at_11.23_AM.jpeg
To access this setting, you can click the following link in Chrome:


Using a different browser extension

So far, no issues have been reported on other web3 browser extensions such as Rabby, or Taho.

The Ledger help center contains guides for how to set these up safely:

Set up and use Rabby wallet to access your Ledger Ethereum (ETH) account

Connect your Ledger to Taho


If, after checking these things, you still encounter issues, make sure you keep Metamask up to date in the event that a fix is rolled out.

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