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Supported Coins and Tokens in Ledger Live

The lists populated below are pulled directly from the most recent version of Ledger Live.

  • The latest version of Ledger Live for desktop or laptop computers is 2.79.1
  • The latest version of Ledger Live for mobile (iPhone or Android) is 3.42

If you do not see the coin or token you're looking for on the network you want, then we don't yet support it in Ledger Live.

 How to Request a New Asset

If you're looking to suggest a new token or network, follow this guide to learn how to submit your request for review by our developer team at the Ledger Developer Portal.

Ledger Live Supported Networks

Keep an eye out for Ethereum Layer 2 chains with the ticker (ETH) Several Ethereum Layer 2 Blockchains use Ethereum to pay network fees despite having a unique network name. If you see a name that is not Ethereum with ticker (ETH) then you will need to spend Ethereum on that network to pay for transactions. Learn more about Ethereum Layer 2 blockchains for free in Ledger Academy!

Can't find the network you're looking for? Request support for it!

    Ledger Live Supported Tokens By Network

    Token support is chain-specific. For example, USDC is supported on multiple EVM chains, like Ethereum and Polygon, but not on Cardano. So, when searching for a token, be sure that the token name is listed in the tab associated with the specific network you're interested in holding them on.

    Can't find the token you're looking for? Request support for it!

    My Token's Not Supported

    Just because a token isn't supported in Ledger Live doesn't mean you can't secure it with your Ledger device. We are integrated with hundreds of 3rd party wallets that allow you to manage almost any token you want! Learn more.

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