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Return your product

This article explains how to request a replacement of your Ledger device via automated return service.

  If your Ledger Nano X or Nano S Plus device is experiencing hardware issues (such as a malfunctioning button or buttons or screen) and it's still covered by warranty, you can initiate an automated replacement by following the instructions below. For those with a Ledger Nano S experiencing hardware issues, please reach out to a member of our Support team for assistance.

Please keep in mind that the Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Nano S Plus do not have batteries and are not able to charge. They will only power on when plugged via USB cable.

The automated process for replacements mentioned here is for customers who have purchased their Ledger devices directly from If you have made your purchase from another source, kindly contact our customer support team for further assistance.

You must return your device to us before we can ship your replacement. A replacement device will be sent to you via express shipping after the carrier collects the returned package.

it is impossible to test a device before returning a defective product. If you need a new device before returning your defective product, you can purchase it on

  Before sending back your Ledger device

  1. Make sure to verify you have written down correctly your secret 24-word recovery phrase on the Recovery sheet. Use the Recovery Check app with your Ledger device to verify if your secret recovery phrase is correctly backed up on your recovery sheet. 
  2. Once you've verified that your secret recovery phrase is correctly backed up, you can reset your Ledger device to its default settings. This can be done by entering the incorrect PIN code 3 times.

     There's no need to transfer your crypto assets to new accounts or a third-party wallet before resetting your Ledger device. After receiving your new Ledger device, you can use your secret recovery phrase to restore your private keys on the new device and regain access to your accounts in Ledger Live.

DO NOT RETURN YOUR RECOVERY SHEET. Any documentation received will be automatically destroyed, without exception.

Device replacement request

  1. To access your order information, visit and provide your email address along with the order reference number that you received via email when placing your order.

  2. In the left-hand menu, navigate to Device replacement request.

    *If you do not see an "I want to exchange my product" button, please click on the "Contact our customer support" button to get in touch with our team.
  1. To initiate an exchange for your product, click on the orange "I want to exchange my product" button. 
  2. You will then see a list of the products that are eligible for replacement. If there are multiple products listed, please select the item that you want to replace by choosing the quantity and reason in the respective fields. If some items do not require replacement, please leave the quantity field set to 0.

  3.  To continue, please fill out the Pickup Address details. This is the address from which you will be sending the product(s) you wish to return.

    *If your country is not listed, please return to the previous page and click on the “Contact our customer support” button.
  4. Shipping/Billing address. By default, these addresses will be the same as the Pickup Address. If the shipping address for the replacement product differs from the pickup address, or if the billing address is not the same as the new shipping address, please uncheck the box and enter the appropriate information.

  5. Submit your request. Your device replacement request has been submitted, and you should receive the return documents by email shortly. If you do not receive the email within 15 minutes, please check your spam folder. If you still cannot find the email, please contact our support team for assistance. 
  6. If you need to track the delivery status of your package or download return documents, you can easily do so by clicking on the 'Replacement #xxxxxxxx [current replacement]' button found on the Device Replacement Request page.

If you need help preparing your package for shipping back your Ledger device, you can refer to this article in the Help Center.

  Please note that the replacement progrem does not allow you to return your Ledger hardware wallet for an exchange of a different model. For example, you cannot send back a Ledger Nano X to receive a Ledger Nano S Plus instead or vice versa. It can only be replaced for the same type of device.

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